I'll try to keep it short...
after initial problems with both task bar and start menu I've followed the steps from this forum to get it working properly again. Thanx for that, it worked great!

1 day later the store and edge apps were missing from the task bar, I can now only access them through different tabs in the settings menu
all other apps which come with the new Windows 10 OS are "gone".
they appear as blank tiles in the app list and cannot be accessed.

Click image for larger version. 

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I've tried to re-register both apps and store with help from this forum, so far no luck.
it seems to keep hanging at the initializing or processing part...
the start menu is now completely empty as well, due to the apps not being recognized.

I've even tried to restore Windows 10, that no luck there either, "no changes were made"

anyone got any ideas?
can I go back to Win 7 and restart from there?