I need help...
We still have a few thousand Elitebook 840G3 running Win10 1709. Which works ok.
When we now started to upgrade those to Win10 1809 we encounter intermittent issues with Acrobat Reader.
What I have done so far:

- Upgraded all drivers to the latest version including BIOS.

- Installed same version of Defendpoint as we have on the working 1709 image.

- Removed Defendpoint completely **and that is the only thing that made it work**

We are using the same 1809 image on 840G5 without any issues.

So my conclusion is that itís a combination of G3 + 1809 + Any version of Defendpoint.

But now Iím running out of ideas, what should I test next?
Dump file indicate issues with ntdll.dll and pghook.dll