Hi! ^_^
I'll give you my experiences with the new Store for shorts:
Many of my friends and relatives are buying copies of Windows 10 and they wanted me to install it on their PCs with all the software they need. Everything went perfect until I had the great idea of login into the Store with my very own Microsoft account just to install a couple of Store apps they wanted me to install.
Now, my problem is that I have 5 different devices from different people with my Microsoft account saved. I mean, I went to the Store and logged out my account, but still it's showing when you want to login to another account and, if you click it, it logins into my account again without even requesting for a password!
I'm pretty concern about this problem because I don't want them to install new Store using my account by mistake since I would lost control of my account's library.
I hope you can help me with this riddle. Thanks in advance. :3