after reinstalling windows i have problems with transmission remote gui.when i need to download something i usually go to the explorer and copy the destination to the place where i want to download the torrent and then paste it into remote gui but it doesnt work on one of my hard drive's download folder. where it should say "free diskspace" in remote gui when downloading, you see only one dash (see picture) has not been aware of this problem before. when I select other folders on the same disk, it shows how much free space I have there.if i download directly to disk (f) then it works to but not to downloads on that disk.

And sometimes when I download it just stops and becomes a red cross and it says transmission doesn't find the destination or something like that.this only happens on my slave partitions but if I download to C: \ Windows \ ServiceProfiles \ LocalService \ Downloads then it works right away. this happens with regular transmission as well.anyone who is aware of this and can help me?