Is there an option to view processes from all users in the windows 10 task manager(an option which I use most of the times when I was in 7)? As you can see in the screenshot below, this one is a PC with 2 GB RAM, but 85% of it is already in use, making it laggy. When I checked in task manager, it showed just one user, to be using 519MB RAM , but usage is 80%.
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519 MB is not 80% of 2gb, so I need to know what is taking up the memory. But the new task manager shows no way to see the list as in windows 7(Show proc. from all users). Now, the processes tab too is just like that.
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I love all the new 'cool' features in the new task manager but really miss that one checkbox. Is there a way to view all processes from all users in one single window? If not, can anyone say how to get back the old windows 7 task manager in windows 10?
Any help would be appreciated.