The downloaded app gets deleted and folder becomes locked.
I want to mirror my android phone screen on my Windows 10 laptop.I came across a blog here 6 Methods To Mirror Android Screen To PC (No Root Apps) In 2020
and I decided to give Vysor app a try.
I downloaded vysror for windows by link generated here Vysor
it redirects me to Vysor Downloads and then
I download the app.
C:\Users\downloaded software\vysor
I run the app for the first time then the app could open.
I saw in the bottom there was a line which said app needs Universal ADB drivers to run, so I downloaded
from here
Universal ADB Drivers
universal adb drivers.
Now I installed them. In a location different than default installation folders for apps.
 C:\Users\user data\installation\vysor\adb drivers\
Plug in my android phone via USB cable.I have had enabled developer options on my phone system settings before connecting phone to laptop via USB cable.

Now when I double click the app, to my surprise the app gets deleted by itself.
I did not do any thing and then now I again downloaded the app.
Now this time I get following error while trying to save the vysor app at the same location where it was downloaded previously.
The error is following
downloaded vysor app gets automatically deleted on windows 10-annotation-2020-03-31-050532-copy.jpg
C:\Users\downloaded software\vysor
inside this I create app so new download location becomes
C:\Users\downloaded software\vysor\app
I am able to download the app.
But again when I double click to run the app it gets deleted by itself ,(I have my phone connected via USB here)
and when I again download the app in folder
C:\Users\downloaded software\vysor\app
, then I don't have permissions to download inside the folder, in which previously I downloaded.As in the screenshot.
So what could be possible problem I am not able to understand please suggest some thing what should I do?
I use Windows 10 (is there a command way on cmd to know windows version if I can paste that here in case needed winver command shows following output.
downloaded vysor app gets automatically deleted on windows 10-winver-output.jpg

The pop up from vysor page which generates the app version shows me it downloaded Vysor-win32-ia32.exe which on double click on my windows 10 -1909 got automatically deleted. I am not clear what is happening.

The only program I could think of running is Malware bytes which starts with windows. But if it would have deleted then I should have got a notification that it deleted. Here after the app gets deleted the folder in which I downloaded the app that folder is locked for download.Even if I quit Malware bytes this problem is there.