I'm testing the new Windows terminal on Windows 10 build 18363.720, and according to the terminal docs, there's supposed to be a setting called initialPosition that sets the terminal starting position based on the upper-left of your primary monitor.

I'm using the following in the "defaults" section of the json file:

"initialPosition": "2000, 2000",
"launchMode": "default

but no matter what numbers (even negative) I put in place of 2000, 2000, the terminal window starts in the same place.

Anyone have any luck getting this to work? I think this is relatively new functionality so I've not had much luck finding out much about this particular setting beyond what is in the doc.

Thanks in advance!

- - - Updated - - -

Figured it out. I had the entries in the "profiles" section and they needed to be in the "defaultProfile" section.