Hi folks

anybody tried this yet ---- Machine translations seem to be getting better as the A.I improves -- probably a lot easier to do a machine rough translate and then fix manually than try the whole thing.

The only problem seems to be that it's an "online" translate-- I'm always suspicious of these "Online" type of apps -- would prefer to have a program installed locally on the machine.

Anybody used this and found snags with online usage. Or better any decent tool to do this that can be installed locally on Windows.

(I'm using subtitles a lot more these days --not because I'm going deaf but modern TV / Videos always seem to be shot at night, in the dark and usually with unclear / mumbled dialog with over loud sound effects.

I know it's not my ears because old classic movies etc play and sound perfectly !!! even some old black and white early Hitchcock films and of course the classic North by North west with that great scene at Mt Rushmore.