Hello all!
First off I am running Windows 10 of the latest build (19099 I believe) as it just updated a few days ago. I am not having any direct issues with Windows but I need suggestions to replace the apps I used to use.
The first one is a soundboard. I used to use Jingle Palette all the time but it has an issue where any soundboards I create become blank and unusable after some time. It was an awesome free program with separate loop and volume controls for each sound and you could create many custom soundboards and it could read various audio codecs. I am looking for something similar that is either free or less than $30. You can still get it for free on various file hosting sites but it has an issue with keeping any soundboards you create over some time.

Next I need a new music program that has the capability to sync music and playlists from my PC to my Android phone. MusicBee used to be awesome for this but with the update to Android 10 sync in MusicBee keeps has issues when it comes to syncing playlists. Any new playlists that are added to sync to my phone only show up as blank, even though the songs in the playlist are copied over just fine. So I am looking for a new alternative.