Anyone out there really good with AHK?  

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    Anyone out there really good with AHK?

    I'm struggling with getting this obnoxious free session popup from teamviewer to not be a thing. Its pretty much plead for help or live with it. The amount of time ive spent messing with it is rapidly beginning to surpass its value.

    I need something that i'm going to be able to run at startup in perpetuity, that will close that darned popup as fast as possible (almost intercepting it if thats doable) as I intend to remote into a machine running a fullscreen game and id prefer ending the session not to have that popup pop-up and minimize my game.

    either way, if push came to shove id borderless it if i absolutely had to. Most importantly is getting that popup to auto close period.

    The glaring problem (for me, with my extremely limited understanding of ahk) is that both the main teamviewer window, and the popup itself share the same title, and id. (i imagine the TV devs did this to intentionally stymie closing the thing in this fashion)

    If a simple script using either of those is running, you cant open the darned teamviewer window itself without it instantly closing.

    Calling all pro's cause this goes beyond me now >.<
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    Hi, a screenshot of what the two windows look like could help.

    A better place to ask would be AHK's forum.

    Is there any way in which you could use virtual desktops?
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    Hi folks



    Why BOTHER with teamviewer these days (at least for individual users --they are also getting too "antsy" about "fair use" too so I've given them the proverbial Churchillian salute.

    The main problem for a lot of people is in being able to always get the IP address of the remote computer -- especially as few ISP's offer permanent IP addresses.

    Easy way though is simply to set the remote computer to EMAIL you to phone or whatever ever hour / two hours or whatever its IP address (the "external one" that is effectively its internet address.

    Then you can connect to the remote computer with anything you like --ssh, filezilla (good one for transferring files if the remote computer has an SSL and SSH server on it), Samba, RDP, PuTty or whatever.

    Here's basically a bash script that works --you can use the WSL in Windows also to run the script or see if there are equivalent commands on the Windows powershell if your remote computer is running Windows.

    My "Teamviewer Buster" script !!!!!. Set a Crontab (Linux) or Job scheduler to execute every so often - start with say 120 mins -- depending on how often IP address changes alter to suit. It probably only will change once at initial logon but you'll soon see after running the script a few times.

    # Send email from bash
    # hrafn simple script to send simple email with your IP address (external)

    read -p "Enter SMTP email server address: " server
    read -p "Enter SMTP Port: " port
    read -p "Enter Your Email Address: " from
    read -p "Enter Recipient's Email Address: " to
    # get your public IP address
    myip="$(dig +short"
    # create message
    function mail_input {
    echo "ehlo $(hostname -f)"
    echo "MAIL FROM: <$from>"
    echo "RCPT TO: <$to>"
    echo "DATA"
    echo "From: <$from>"
    echo "To: <$to>"
    echo "Subject: Testing SMTP Mail"
    echo " "
    echo "Your public internet address is "
    echo $myip
    echo " "
    echo "finished"
    echo "."
    echo "quit"

    mail_input | netcat $server $port || err_exit

    Note you need the echo " " line as that's the end of input data. You can add things like TLS or whatever depending on the mail server being used -- you don't need a mail server on the client --your ISP / gmail or whatever should do just fine.

    Run these on the remote computers and create your own Virtual desktop sessions on your LOCAL machine -- if running Linux there's usually a number of desktops you can specify running any sort of Window manager, on Windows I believe it's also easy enogh to create several Windowed "Sessions"

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    I thought Team Viewer was strictly for scammer computer support call centers.
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    margrave55 said:
    I thought Team Viewer was strictly for scammer computer support call centers.
    Teamviewer, is like LogMeIn. I've used it in the past to learn how to do simple remote operations between my two computers. Back in DOS/Windows 3.1 days, I used something within PC Tools Deluxe that did the same thing.
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    I use it to support my family in 3 states. Works fine and does the job.

    We both start TeamViewer. They give me their ID and password and I connect. Easy and always works.
    I don't want or need to connect without them being there.
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