Hi folks

Anybody got any comments about Filezilla as a client on a Linux GUI to retrieve files from a remote Windows system via SSL. It works perfectly from LINUX to LINUX (you need to ensure openssl and service sshd is running) but it seems a little bit of a pain to get an SSL server working in windows (or at least to me).

I really don't like the idea of SAMBA transfer over the public internet or using rdp (on linux rdp'ing to windows is easy enough - krdp,xrdp, etc etc). In any case on remote connections rdp is as slow as molasses even with decent Internet speeds at both ends - upload on the remote and download at the local end.

Filezilla seems reasonably secure with ssl

here's an example between two local linux machines

Remote Windows FTP via Filezilla and SSL (FROM Linux TO windows)-screenshot_20200129_112753.png

I haven't yet got windows connection to work yet -- not a windows expert so advice from anyone here would be welcome. I think I'm getting hosed up in the public key thing on Windows with SSL.

Note I want transfer From REMOTE WINDOWS TO LINUX (while logged on to LINUX) (not the other way around which is easy enough !!)

(Windows 10 PRO / Workstation -- not using Windows 10 HOME)