I've just purchased a Surface 3 with a view to replacing my iPad for media and also allow me to do some work on it when not near my primary machine.

I've copied across a season of TV ripped from DVD and applied all the Metadata through MyMeta in the store. The video plays absolutely fine (.m4v file) but if I pause and exit the app it does not remember where I left off. This is the same foe films as well. My iPad will also restart the episode/movie from where I was last watching it and this is a critical requirement when I usually spread my viewing across the day or over multiple days around the kids etc.

Microsoft advertise this ability with media purchased through their store but wondered if this should work for non-store purchased media as well? I think the iPad has a setting to do this and I wondered if something similar is available in the windows video app (I've looked and can't see anything but I'm from a Mac background so not an expert on windows).