Hi all,

I need help how to prevent Windows 10 Pro 1909 (18363.535) creating the System Volume Information on removable drive (CF Card).
I have CF Cards with installed Win Embedded with two partitions:
- first is System
- second is software
Usually on Windows 7, was opened just the second partition when is installed software and we can modify just the needed files. On this drive is not a problem if System Volume Information is created.
But now in Windows 10, they open booth drives the first where is the system and the second where is the software.
On both partitions Windows 10 create the folder System Volume Information.
Now the problem is in the first partition, because when Windows create the System Volume Information, they change the SHA code of the first partition.
Software at the beginning check the SHA code and if is not right give error and not start the machine.

How can I prevent that Windows create the System Volume Information?
Or that Windows 10 not open the first partition, just the second like in Windows 7 ?

Please help if anybody have a solution.

Thank you.

Best regards,