I don't know about you, but I've used Winamp for over a decade.
It's been my favorite media player, and still is.
Nullsoft is (was) an amazing group of developers.

Nullsoft's other works like NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System)
is still used by millions of developers world-wide.

Winamp though is an amazing media player. It's too bad the company
which owned Nullsoft (AOL) shut them down in Dec of 2013.

In honor of their hard work, I'm releasing my personal compilation
of software/plugins that I use for Winamp. I hope some of you
can enjoy it the way I do.

This package contains the final released version of Winamp.
(signed official installer, so no malware)

It contains the best icon packs for files which Winamp handles.

I've included my favorite skins and the software which also
brings a handful of enhancments along with the skins.

My favorite part though, is the collection of Milkdrop presets.
Milkdrop is Winamp's audio visualization, which is second
to none.

Primary Link: Mega
Secondary Link: OneDrive