Cant Delete Folder - windows apps

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    Cant Delete Folder - windows apps

    I have a folder called 'Windows apps' and its taking up alot of space. Inside the folder are 2 folders called 'MSIXVC' which is 60GB and 'Microsoft.HalifaxBaseGame_1.1.50.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe' which is 66Gb. Ive done some investigating and it has something to do with the microsoft store and downloading games, possible gears 5. I think i donwloaded it a week or so ago using the xbox game pass but its not showing in my library in the misrcosft store. I have ownership of the folders so i can go into them but it still says i need permission from my account to do so, which i have.

    Im not sure if i want to stright up delete these folders incase it messes something up with the operating system. But haveing over 120GB of stuff on my secondary drive is taking up alot of room for a game i cant even play.

    If anyone can think of anything that i could do to delete these folders, please let me know. ( also formatting the drive isnt possible because i have alot of other files i need to keep on the same drive)
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    I used the advice and program described at the link below....worked like a champ!

    I would first use the normal uninstall process to get rid of any apps I did not plan to use.

    On Windows 8.1 and 10, how to clean up the app folder, delete apps
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    Just here to tell people searching the web for a solution that I have found one. See below.

    First let me say that I had tried basically everything suggested elsewhere, from giving myself permission to edit the folders, to downloading third party file management software to delete these ghost files, which a buggy (and generally very bad) Xbox App was creating after failed downloads.

    The solution I have found in the end is fortunately very simple. Just reboot in Safe mode (open msconfig, go to Boot-Tab, click on Boot-Options -> Safe Boot -> Minimal), and then you should hopefully be able to delete those files. Worked for me at least.

    Had about 100GB of undeletable junk, thanks to this... wonderful program called the Xbox App, now they're free again at last.
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    Windows 10 Pro 2004

    Hey guys, found this issue having a browse of a full disk with space sniffer run as admin (kinda like a prettier windirstat) and noticing an old game didn't remove (metro exodus, 70+Gs, damn you game pass), saw everyone on the net having trouble with this MSIXVC deletion issue, so i registered an account just to share my "quick fix".

    First step, we need a powershell window with enough admin juice to knock your grandmother into next week, so enter the arena; psexec.
    Now the pstools suite is absolutely full of power absolute and if you're on a shared computer it could be good to delete these after you're done with them (personally, i like to keep them all extracted directly into c:\windows\system32 for the sake of the next time i have to whip out the red card and forcibly eject some failed windows b.s.).

    Once you have psexec somewhere you remember run a cmd window as admin
    (windows key, type "cmd", right click command prompt, run as admin) then if youre like me and put psexec directly into c:\windows\system32\ then you dont have to navigate anywhere from here, if you felt like you had to keep the magic tools somewhere else then write "cd FULLPATH" where FULLPATH is the full path of folder you put psexec.exe in, eg. "c:\temp\pstools".

    From here in the command prompt pointing to our psexec.exe location we write psexec \s \i powershell.exe (s for run as system, i for run an interactive session)
    and with any luck you just got a brand new window up, and this guy should be just enough admin to mark your territory and get your gigabytes back.

    What we've just done here is rip open a powershell window running as the system account, there are many ways to do this, and plenty that don't require downloading anything, but pstools are super useful windows admin tools to have around, and this method sets you up later to have your newly acquired powers ready for the next time you have gamepass rob you of your storage.

    Next up to test you are running as system, write $env:username
    you should see the name of your computer followed by a dollar sign, if not, return to the beginning and try again, if so, this next command will show you everything in the msixvc directory gci D:\WindowsApps\MSIXVC | ogv (My windows folder with the issue is on my d: drive, yours might be your c: drive, change the letter as required in this and the next command)

    Now thats great, we can see everything in there, but before we move on:

    but if you want to modify this to destroy your computer with it, who am i to stop you :)


    With that out of the way, from here we can tweak that last little command into something with a bit more smarts to it and pipe it straight into a delete function:
    $driveletter = "D"
    gci "$($driveletter):\WindowsApps\MSIXVC" | select @{n='Size';e={($_.length/1GB).tostring("0.00GB")}},FullName,@{n='Object';e={$_}} | ogv -p -t 'MSIXVC Cleanup' | % {$_.object | remove-item -force -confirm:$true}

    To work out what id belongs to what try searching these id's into google, failing that open up the xbox gamepass app and compare game sizes with the sizes of the files here, i was able to do this to work out what was what from the few games i have installed and figured nothing still installed was using my 70Gs

    Closing the window or clicking cancel will abandon the operation, as will not confirming deletion, i recommend trying to take the other accompanying .xvi and .xvs files along with the large ones youre trying to remove for the sake of cleanliness, from what i read re-downloading will re-create all this stuff again anyway :)

    Hopefully if you got though that you got some space back, i easily spent more time writing this than it took to clean up my 70Gs and with any luck it helps someone else with this issue :)
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