Just received a new Dell 64bit Laptop with 8.1 Windows Software. Upgraded to Windows 10 Home.
Tried FastAccess Facial Recognition to log on to my account. Didn't like the feature.
Have unchecked FAService under System Configuration > Services (it is stopped)
Have disabled FATrayMon under Task Manager>Staetup

Everytime I restart the computer or lock it, when I try to login the FastAccess/Face Recognition Icon is in the middle of the screen with a check box. I wants me to check the box to use the service. My actual Account Login Icon is in the lower left hand corner of the screen. clicking on it opens a window asking for me to enter my password---which works fine.

How do I get the FastAccess/Face Recognition Icon/App off my screen?
If I try to uninstall the program and it works, would I ever be able to install the application again-in case I wanted to try it again?

Thanks in advance for advice on this issue!