Outlook.com and iCalendar X

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    Outlook.com and iCalendar X

    My phone X calendar and Outlook.com calendar are fine except I see two numbers for each day as in big 2, little 2 net to it on the desktop(Windows 10.
    It appears two calendars are involved only in this respect but I cannot find where on either phone or desktop settings.
    Any ideas?
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    Could you post picture. Watch confidential data.
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    I just went to calendar settings in Outlook.com and disabled 'alternative calendars' and now it s as it should be with one number for each day.
    I read about iPhone for Windows and did not go it but have a feeling it may have been easier than going to Apple for a temp password etc. and all these little settings. Do you know anything about user friendliness vs. setting all up manually.
    I am going back to check it out. If it is not a big download I may try it with the sand box.
    Thanks for the reply; I got lucky fishing.

    >>>I just read the revues for iCloud for Windows and they are all 1 or 2 star with download problems. I'll stay as is.
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    I don't use icloud for windows.

    I use Office Outlook 365 (2019) on desktop, an iPhone and an Outlook.com as a mail service.

    The only calendars I display on phone are the Birthday calendar and Outlook.com.

    What are you storing in icloud in the way of mail, contacts or calendar?
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    The Outlook.com app allows for all three which are synced with my iPhone XR.
    I avail myself of all as it is any easy quick way to perform all the tasks that would have me going to different places to sign in. I have 4 email accounts (one being Outlook.com - desktop) and the calendar never fails. If I make an entry on my phone it shows on the PC and visa versa.
    Iphone was tricky to set up as it always said it needs a fix -you have to go to iCloud.com and get a temp password.
    Outlook is great but more than I need and I only get 3 apps with Word as I have MS Home and Student 2019. Incidentally 2019 took OCR away from 2016. I use the Chrome extension, "Copyfish".
    Did this answer your query or just too much information?

    - - - Updated - - -

    >>Ken I am curious about your situation so I can learn.<<
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    Mine is very straight forward. Yours is working so I don't think you will learn much from me.

    I use Outlook 365 with three email addresses. One Outlook.com and two on my on Website

    In Outlook 365 I set the Outlook.com to be the default Data File.

    On my iPhone I went to settings and in Contacts and Calendar I set my Outlook.com as my default. So when I enter something it defaults to entering into Outlook.com.

    In the actual Contacts and Calendar apps on phone I only display my outlook.com contacts and calendar.

    I do not use iCloud for any of this activity.
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    I am leery of clouds but not skilled enough to avoid them totally. I notice that some of the folders I create in Outlook.com lose content at times. I think some other mobile settings may cause that so I will check. Thank you for your helpful information.
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    I just use the Apple mail app.

    For my gmail account I use the Gmail app.

    You should not be losing content. That would concern me as well.
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    So instead of downloading and using outlook.,com icon, gmail icon and Comcast Icon, I should remove the icons and just use the iMail icon? If so how would the phone know to receive mail from the others?
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    Not necessarily. Whatever works for you. We all think of our accounts and data in different ways.

    Apple's mail app is like most clients, you add accounts to it, under Passwords and Accounts. Not saying you should do this, it is what I do, except my gmail, that I use the gmail app for. I do this more so so my gmail contacts won't be added into Apple's contacts app.

    I keep my gmail contacts separate as it is a backup. I export them as CSV from Outlook and import them into gmail. Then if a bobo occurs I have a backup. I do this on a quarterly basis. Gmail can wipe out my contacts, Apple can or gmail can but my assumption is I will still have one copy. ( I also make other backups, yes I'm paranoid but I have over 900 contacts and the thought of rebuilding from scratch is just to onerous.)
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