How to Batch Rename files ?

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    How to Batch Rename files ?

    I have a lot of files I want to give names to. I already found a way to get names into a text I need. So all these names i have in text, I want to give to other files.

    How do i do this in a batch process ?

    Currently trying to learn FastStone Image viewer. Seems to be updated version of Resizer by the same company?
    That has been useful for other batch processes for images . But I've yet to figure the batch naming options .

    A different software I'm considering for this task is called Advanced Renamer .

    Maybe I've become too slow through the years because :
    I've been looking for the right tutorial that I can clearly understand and found none .
    They seem to be out of my grasp .

    Note : I currently use a bat file, that takes the names of other files I have in a folder and puts them into a text file.

    ( I'd prefer a one click Bat process ideally for this specific task ) .

    So I'd be happy with a bat file that can also take those names in my text list
    and apply them to files I want to rename in any given folder with those . If anyone knew how to do that.

    It don't matter the order applied - as long as each file in the folder receives one name from the list.
    The names I pulled are from images in a folder. The names are to be applied to a equal number of files ,
    which is a different extension. so no worry about them having the same name. So just the names .

    - - - Updated - - -

    I found this thread. But unsure how to apply it and its replies into the bat i need ?

    stackoverflow rename-files-after-a-list-of-names

    Update possible reference
    for loop - Creating a batch file to rename TXT files based on content (removing inappropriate syntax) - Stack Overflow

    - - - Updated - - -

    and yet another reference i need help understanding if its useful
    windows - Generate file-folder list.txt file in a directory/subdirectory & rename list.txt to folder/subfolder name using dir & ren command in a batch file - Stack Overflow
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    First, make a backup of the files. Bulk renaming can cause major problems so you will appreciate the backup if things go horribly wrong.

    Second, as you mentioned, there are programs to handle renaming for you. Check out: Introduction - Bulk Rename Utility

    Third, if you want to use a batch file (and you've completed step 1), try this from the command prompt:

    for /f "delims=" %v in (TextFileWithFilenamesToRename) do echo ren "%v" "%v_NewFilename"

    The previous command will show you the how the ren command will work without actually changing the filenames.
    Without knowing what the text file with the name of the files to rename looks like, you may have to tinker
    with the command to get it right.

    If everything looks good, you can perform the actual rename command by removing the echo command as in:
    for /f "delims=" %v in (TextFileWithFilenamesToRename) do ren "%v" "%v_NewFilename"

    Good luck
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    mahoneycutt; thanks for the time to attempt to help here.
    I'll be honest im no programmer. I'm a novice image editor if that .

    I don't have a clue how to make .bat files .
    That one bat i said i was taught about pulling a list of names, was given to me so all i did was copy ,paste,save ,run.
    and it worked.
    So terminology like " ren " and " echo " is lost on me .
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    I found a app called Advanced Renamer ( I mentioned this before ) .And there maybe a adequate solution here.

    This is the instructions for the process i want to learn. But I'm having a hard time finding these actions in the app.
    Could someone assist me with this app and doing this ?

    " "Add Source folder.
    Populate List/Yes
    Clear the file list (not the Method list) so no files selected
    Add Copy folder (List method is still active)
    Check New filename, start batch" "

    - - - Updated - - -

    I was able to implement those instructions I left there. Solved.
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    Bulk Rename Utility is free.
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    Here is the thread which has the same discussion solved: How to batch rename multiple files while keeping the sorting order
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