Hi folks

Users of the SKY GO service on Windows now can access recordings made on a SKY Q box.

This is a great update -- especially as you can use the built in app on SKY Q to record Netflix stuff to watch later --SKY Q now has Netflix app (Finally !!).

It's now a stand alone app -- no more nonsense with the old silverlight rubbish needed.

SKY GO users with SKY "Q" boxes-skygo.png

(Also works on android for those people who love watching movies on tiny mobile phone screens !!!!).

For once --Well done SKY -- usually not my favourite business -- still I would like a Native Linux SKY GO app though !!!! and not browser based. This app isn't browser based thank goodness it's a stand alone app.

However some of these huge companies operate at "Glacial Speed" when it comes to new developments -- although they react with greased lightning when updating subscriptions with higher prices !!

In this case though no extra charge for the update on all your relevant devices on top of your normal subscription.

BTW works fine on latest 1909 18363.418 build of W10 too -- zero problems installing / updating the application.