Hi folks
I still think this is one of the best programs for CD ripping and automatic tagging -- especially if you like Classical music as it has Gracenote DB api built in so in most cases can easily tag your CD rip --good if you are digitising / ripping a load of CD's with obscure classical music titles.

Note for music libraries, player applications etc etc there's loads of them but for ripping and tagging this program still does it for me - especially if you already have the audio iso on HDD. (files are all labelled cda on audio cd - don't create as data cd if copying to iso on HDD).

With Windows Black theme the Winamp interface actually looks quite modern these days -- doesn't need .Net 3 or whatever -- I installed a clean skip ahead W10 build - installed Winamp no prob (as well as VLC etc --I use the Winamp for CD ripping --I've still got a whole slew of CD's I need to rip --Hint -- copy them as audio isos to a HDD and then as Windows 10 can mount virtual isos the rip goes incredibly fast -- often in a few seconds !!!

Winamp still working on skip ahead build-winamp.png

Winamp still working on skip ahead build-18980.png