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When I click START and get a long list of all the apps installed on my machine I see that One Drive is there. However, when I click the One Drive icon I get nothing; absolutely nothing, as if I had not clicked One Drive at all.
I should like to start using OD but I can't figure out a
way to even get started the disk boot failure. I only want to put one command file there so I can get to it on a tablet and work on the file when I am not at home. Can anyone, please, give me a pointer or two of what is going on and what I am doing wrong?

Thanks to one and all in advance.

A One Drive icon does not appear on my desktop.
If there is no response while clicking on the OneDrive icon, you should make sure OneDrive is not blocked from Registry or Group policy.

1. Type regedit in RUN window and press enter.

2. Go to the location HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows

3. Check if you can see OneDrive is listed there.

Another chance is about the account linking. I believe the OneDrive installed on your computer is not yet linked with your Windows 10 account.

If your Windows 10 account is linked with OneDrive, one possible chance is the latest Windows 10 update.

Download the latest version of OneDrive on your PC from the link below.

Microsoft OneDrive Download