So. I ran across my old IPod and was in the process of getting it working again. I went to the Apple website, to their ITunes web page, and I was only given one link, to the MS Store, no direct link was available to me. So I pop into the MS Store for the first time ever and I try to download it there, no go, need to sign in

Screenshot - 9e4520cf060a368a90b46926634df387 - Gyazo

So I click "Close" and it asks me if I want to sign in, I click "Sign In", and it then asks me which account I want to use to sign in with, only have the one, so I click "Ok", and it says I need to be connected to the internet for this

Screenshot - 986ba3cd9ea3e73e5e7c4cfbb0553d8e - Gyazo

Obviously, as I am typing out a message to you here. my internet is working just fine. So I am unable to get it from Apple and I am unable to get it from MS, how do I get Itunes for my Ipod?

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That has to be the most confusing way to do things. On the Apple page, at the top is the link to the MS Store, a screenshot of Itunes, then it asks if your looking for another version and has "Apple" and "Windows", if you click "Windows" it changes to "Windows Store" and above the screenshot the direct link to the MS Store vanishes and is replaced by a link to the 64 bit version with a 32 bit version link below that. Took me a bit to realize that.