Not a very good question title - sorry!

We have a number of static history displays in the local Priory which gets a lot of visitors. To augment this I want to set up a number of Powerpoint presentations about different historical aspects. That much is easy. The problem is how to run them.
Some of these wishes may not be practical or even feasible.
  • I would prefer the power to only be on when someone is wanting to look at presentation. That could be done via a timer switch triggered by visitor. Monitor and PC are set to come on as soon as power is applied. After enough time has been allowed for visitor to view all presentations if they wish, power to PC and monitor is switched off.
  • Powerpoint needs to automatically display a menu e.g. Press 1 for presentation 1, 2 for presentation 2, etc. I assume I will need PowerPoint for the web for this.
  • At end of each presentation the menu display is re-loaded ready for next selection.
  • I don't want visitor trying to access anything else on PC so they need to be locked out of that (not that there would be anything on it other than OS and PP player.

The PowerPoint aspects I can probably sort out myself (but still would welcome suggestions)

Technology - an old PC running Windows 7 (so maybe I am in the wrong forum!) and LED monitor. Standard keyboard and mouse.

What I am not sure about is how to set things up so that Windows and the PP display is loaded when power is applied. I know the former should be possible via the BIOS and the latter by using the old Startup folder that used to run programs automatically on startup but which seems to have been hidden in later versions of WIndows.

I have some ideas on how to do this but I may be barking up the wrong tree and someone out there may already have done this and may be able to point to the correct tree.

Thanks for taking the time to read this - hopefully you will have some pointers!