I have a Windows 10 Pro 64bit clean install. Most of the programs will not print to any of my printers. I can print to each of the 4 printers from the Chrome browser and the Windows 10 Photos app, but no other program will print, not Word or Excel or the Adobe apps etc. When I print from a program, everything looks fine from the programs point of view, but nothing is sent to the printer. When I go to Printers and Devices and try to print a test page for each printer, I get the error "Test Page Failed To Print". The automatic troubleshooter cannot find any errors.
I am printing over the network, but since the Chrome browser can print web pages to each printer, the network connection and addressing must be correct. I am thinking that the spooler must be ok as well, unless Chrome uses its own spooler. I can see the print job posting to each printers que for one second, then it disappears. All of the printers and drivers were automatically set up by Windows. I set this machine up exactly like my laptop, which also had a clean install of Windows 10. The laptop prints to all the printers just fine.

I really need to print, any help would be appreciated.