I am using windows 10 on my HP laptop. I am having a couple issues with this. The first and most important issue is when I shut down my computer to turn it off, the PC seems to do all things properly shutting down but after the process is done and my PC screen is black, my power button stays on (in the it always shut this light off) almost like it is only asleep and not completely off? I have to hold it down for about 10 seconds then the light will go out. That can't be normal nor good for my laptop. (also had to turn the sleep option off because once it goes to sleep and the screen is black you can't wake it and I have to do the same and hold power button down)
The last is an app not closing when I shut down. It says: FaceAwayCountDownDlg is still running and I have to end it myself before I get to the blank screen with power light on. Anyone have any ideas on how to correct these issues?