I came upon a strange problem with a customer of mine who has just installed Windows 10 on 29th July.

It is a Dell Desktop computer and it logged on fine, loaded the desktop but not one of the program icons did anything. I clicked on the start icon and it did nothing. I right-clicked each executable and only the shortcut to program and properties options appeared.

I tried opening Task Manager and got an error message saying something like "interface unavailable".

I removed the HDD and started a CHKDSK thinking maybe one of the main system files was corrupt. It was taking ages so I cancelled that and re-installed the HDD.

I booted up and everything worked perfectly! I examined the event logs and could find nothing to explain what had happened. I have tested it all since, there are no hardware issues and I haven't been able to recreate the problem.

I am reluctant to return the desktop without knowing why this problem occurred.

Any advice would be most welcome. Thanks