Kari I am at times short tempered when dealing with Windows 10. I have used windows since Windows 98 was around and with Windows 10 there has been nothing easy about it.

I don't know what I could possibly be doing wrong when it come to drag and drop. I have done it a million times over the years. Could there be something wrong with my Windows 10 ( I would NOT doubt it in the least). It could be my mouse also but I have checked that on another PC and it checks ok.

I am not totally concerned about all this. It just seems that Microsoft took every possible shortcut (very poor OS in my opinion) to roll out Windows 10. Don't get me wrong, Windows has been my choice of OS for 30 years and I have tried a few others. Windows 10 is my backup PC. I have Windows 7 on another PC and as long as it works, it will be my primary PC.

Since it seems Windows 10 will be the last OS for Microsoft, to me it makes sense that it would be the best. When they came out with Windows XP I thought to myself, it will never get any better. Then they came out with Windows 7 and I was in love again.. Windows 8, some liked it and some did not. I was never crazy about and never really used it. Now comes Windows 10 and Lord have mercy on us all (my opinion). Maybe it will get better; I sure hope so.

I am getting off my band wagon. I am tired of messing with this problem for now. Maybe when the next big update comes out, it will all be fixed..

I have other problems to deal with (Outlook.com) so I am going to look into that.

Take care and have great holidays.