CountMike said:
I recently made a live W10 (Windows to GO) using this SW.
Download FlashBoot - MajorGeeks
It's on a small, 120GB SSD connected thru USB 3.1 to SATA adapter. As it's an SSD + USB 3.1 it boots relatively fast (about 30 seconds) and is only marginally slower than on SATA mounted SSD same make and model where my Insider version resides. As I used first virgin 2004 version ISO it also updated to latest.
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It's very simple and can do even more. I think it's worth checking out. Also tried on USB2 stick of 32GB but it took forever to install and windows to start. My MB also has USBc 3.1 3rd gen port which should work even faster but I don't have SATA interface for it. With it it should work just as fast as with SATA mounted SSD.
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This thing costs 29USD if you want to Clone your OS to bootable WintoGO type of external USB now !!! @navyLDCR - method works perfectly (and is FREE)

Good tip also about the UEFI/MBR hint.