Notepad window size seems to grow with each use?

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    Notepad window size seems to grow with each use?

    At first, i thought i had solved the problem with Brink's tutorial and bat file on how to reset Notepad default window sizes. This worked perfectly the first time i ran it. However, i noticed that each subsequent use of Notepad appears to increase the values so that after using it a few times, i am back to the opening window being so large it runs off the edge of the screen. Oddly, it seems to always extend beyond the left edge rather than the right.

    Running the batch file again, puts things back to the correct settings but i am not sure why they keep changing.
    It seems to do the same whether I open a .txt file or a .bat file. I should add that notepad++ seems to also stay in this over-sized mode. I have tried holding the Ctrl key when closing but this doesn't appear to help anything.
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    Have you ever tried Notepad++, it's open source and like Notepad on steroids. A very fast text editor and to change text size you can just hold ctrl key and scroll the mousewheel and it remembers the size next time you start it up.

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    This might be some issue with the video card if two seperate applications act the same way.

    What I can input is if you're familiar with Registry Editor, here's the location of Notepad's settings: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Notepad

    Here's the settings that have to do with the window's on-screen location & size:
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    Default size of windows explorer window | Windows 10 Forums
    the above link goes to a similar post on 10 Forums. Each day i look i can ind more as long as I ask Google the right questions. But no one has posited a working solution. As of today, i have had several others at the office ask me why their programs do similar stunts with Window size. Quickbooks and others are now behaving in an erratic manner sometimes opening in a tiny box so small you can only see the (maximize/minimize).
    There seems to be no rhyme or reason other than the latest Windows update (which all of these systems have ver 1809) and the fact that if i run Brinks ScreenSizeFix.bat before i open the program all is fine. Until i close it and then reopen, Each subsequent opening seems to modify the default size and page position for opening up to a maximum limit of some type. The maxsize is larger than the view-able screen area so the opened file runs off the end. to some degree but appears to stop getting larger eventually.
    There have been no changes in video cards or anything else and as i said the values in Brinks batch file seems to fix things at least until closed and reopened.
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    Added info: In reading Pepanee as well as reviewing what Brinks batch does, i took a peek at the settings in registry for Notepad and found what might be something odd with the screen position settings. Brinks batch deletes these values and allows windows to fills them back in with the defaults (I wish i knew where these defaults were stored) Though even knowing that would not explain the odd numbers showing in my registry for Notepad which I have written below:
    All but the Windows PosX look as though they could be normal but that one seems to be an extreme variable.
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Notepad" /V iWindowPosDX /F 1855
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Notepad" /V iWindowPosDY /F 967
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Notepad" /V iWindowPosX /F 4294967170
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Notepad" /V iWindowPosY /F 113

    if the other values are correct it would seem that 4294967170 would be so far as to be on another desktop somewhere
    Oh well. Answer is here: Where is the information about the position of a window stored? - Super User

    So the problem is still unknown
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    Weird. Try to adjust them manually in the Registry. Go to that location and change all four of those to:

    (all are in Hexadecimal)

    iWindowPosDX = 3e1
    iWindowPosDY = 1f4
    iWindowPosX = 81
    iWindowPosY = 63

    Then open Notepad, how does it look?
    Then close Notepad, and re-open it. Does it still look the same?
    Restart the computer, and re-open Notepad. Does it still look the same?

    Notepad window size seems to grow with each use?-image.png
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    Testing as requested Pepanee. For the results i am seeing there has to be something changing those values in notepad every time it opens. The font size does not change. the left margin is the same. Bu the "overall blank page" grows with each opening and notepad++ seems to have the same problem. I feel like this must be some glitch in a setting i had done on the normal screen zoom but i cannot find anything odd. I will first use brinks bat to remove those values an let windrows set them to default. Then do a screencapture of default. Then open a txt file two or three times and check registry values again to see what they show. Will report back shortly
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    after batch, values are removed. After opening text file once, values are as follows i will only list the values as they apply in same order to the keys as listed. In the 2nd row you will see what they changed to after opening and closing same file
    3rd row shows the third open close. No edits made. Normal (X) clicked to close. But you see what happens to the values
    by the third open close the page was running off the edge of the screen. I hope layout stays locked, i added screenshot image just in case

    5ad 2f8 033 033
    72f 3cd 029 029
    77c 41c 0xffffff96 018

    Notepad window size seems to grow with each use?-screenshot.2018-10-30.png
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    That is very strange. I thought it changed only once with all the wrong values. But it seems to do it twice. I don't know what is causing those values to change.

    What I would try:
    Change those values manually in the Registry to the first line values of what you posted (I'm assuming those are values that work well for you). After doing that, Right click the Notepad folder in the Registry (on the left side) > Permissions...

    I see 4 different names here. For each one, uncheck Full Control, press Apply, then OK. Open Notepad, close it. Open Notepad again, close it. Assuming the window size is still the same, restart the computer and open Notepad.

    Assuming everything stays correct, then it worked. Yet you cannot change other settings unless you give back the Permissions. Yet assuming you give back permissions, then the window size may mess up again. This is a "Temporary" fix, if it works. But this has something to do with some external application that's causing the window sizes to fluctuate.

    Maybe someone else has more insight on this.
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    For what it is worth, i have gone through al the usual, made sure notepad using normal font, reset to default zoom. Even though none of that should affect the Window size size WordWrap is enabled anyway. After open and close notepad to just empty screen several times it arrives at the figures below and seems to stay there but this is off the edge of screen at bottom and both sides

    77c 41c 0xffffff98 01c
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Notepad window size seems to grow with each use?-max-size.png   Notepad window size seems to grow with each use?-max-size.png  
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