Notepad window size seems to grow with each use?

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    Sorry abut the double post. But you understand correctly. The size changes until it reaches the weird value where it seems to stop. On the permissions you menaiton, i see 4 as well the top one say Restricted and it has read only permissions
    the other three "Systems, (computername), and Administrators. Those 3 have full control AND Read. None have Special
    Since i have a couple other systems beside me, i took a look at this same place in the registry for notepad on one of them and the differences are Huge. Other than the 4 keys we are dealing with, one of the two other systems show notepad with a toal of 7 keys. The 2 other keys are Status bar and fwrap . The other one which has been in use for years looks more like the problem machine I think i will try exporting the reg file for notepad from it and using it to replace the one in the problem system. They are pretty much identical
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    oh well, no joy. I will try your permission removal.
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    still failed. All have read only rights to notepad settings in registry but it still increases size with each use until it reaches the outrageous number then stops with that.

    now trying SFC Scannow and after that DISM
    if that fails.. I will have to learn to live with just dragging ti back to a normal size after two or three uses
    I would consider copying the notepad command form another system too but... as i said from the start, this is some kind of default window size as it affects other programs too. Like notepad++ Same problems
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    For what it is worth, neither SFC nor DISM helped. I might be stuck with this until have time to do a full system reload from a clean drive. It's about time for that on this system anyway.
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    Yea. It's a strange problem.

    Sorry to hear the Permissions attempt didn't work, which is very strange. Nothing should be able to change those settings if all accounts can only Read (instead of write). Yes I also have 4 accounts, similarly named as yours.

    One other attempt that I would try:
    Uninstall your video card completely (Full Uninstallation), then download/install the latest drivers from the manufacturer's website. After installation, restart the computer and try opening Notepad, re-sizing it/etc... (but first reset the Permissions the way they were before).
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    Still have a question if anyone knows

    Where does Windows get the values to load them back into the registry for screen position after someone runs Brinks Bat file to delete them in order to reset the notepad position and size on the page page.

    Once deleted, it would seem that there should be nothing in those keys as they don't exist. So where does Windows get the values from the first time you run notepad after they have been deleted? Just curious as i doubt that will affect the issue i am dealing with

    The Good News is that something i tried (maybe Dism ?) has at least fixed notepad++. It no longer grows with use so I can set it as the default .txt editor. But notepad.exe still has that weird "growth spurt" each time it is opened even if i don't write anything at all, just close and re-open it.

    "Something" is obviously changing the values of those keys. Even if i remove all permissions from everything, Then delete the keys. Something adds them back to the 'notepad' registry location regardless.

    I am just curious on how Windows picks figures out of the air for those keys when it adds them back after the keys themselves have been deleted.
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    I guess since Notepad++ works now, you can use it.

    But if you still want to try to fix Notepad, I would try re-installing the video card drivers. And if that doesn't work, do a Windows repair installation (yet this will reset many different settings, and I wouldn't bother doing that hassle, yet it could fix that problem).

    But consider reinstalling your video card, that shouldn't be too much of a hassle.
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    Pleased to hear Notepad++ is working OK for you now. It's a weird problem you have though and must be down to some sort of corruption of either a file or the registry.
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    Maybe I found the Answer!

    I don't want to 'jump the gun' too soon but i think i found the culprit! If I am right, this is caused by the Windows "Scale and Layout" option that has recently been largely superseded by a better option under Ease of Access.
    The Old way can still be accessed under Display Options and was once used to increase the size of pretty much "Everything" by a chosen percentage for use on small screens, especially laptops. I have often used the option set for 125% but never seen it cause a problem with a window constantly getting larger although in hindsight i can see how it might.

    Microsoft has added a Warning under advanced scaling that i don't remember that references text programs.
    I HAVE seen the use of "Scaling" create problems with certain Older Software that uses fixed reference points for display. We still use one such program so i have had to explain a similar issue to people using it
    The NEW way offered by MS says it only changes the size of TEXT.. Right now i have everything set to 'plain vanilla' until i can be certain that notepad is acting normal again. Though after several uses everything now seems normal again.

    I had actually forgotten that the other option for scaling was even there. I now tell people to use the one under Ease of Access exclusively. I almost feel like this is something i should have thought of right away. The X|Y coordinates when scaling would increased to 125% which could be improperly reported to the application.

    Each use could have caused it to think I had "moved" the window it to a different location. (I THINK! )

    My analysis could be way off though. As i said, this had never happened before yet on many systems i have had the screen scaling set to 125% in the past, especially laptops, but Notepad never reacted in this manner in the past..

    i am closing this question and hope my suffering helps someone else one day.
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    Cool, good news.
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