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I wonder if you are familiar with downloading and installing programs from the internet - other than the Store? Fully supported by Win 10, same method as in Win 7, for example.

I believe the link I posted might help you. Otherwise you are strictly limited to apps from the Store- a very different option to the 1000s upon 1000s generally available.

Doubtful- not seen a similar report.
I am not trying to take your time believe me pls. But to answer your last questions. I have had PC's since 1987. From the Command Prompt days, 8086 and 8088 processor, then Win3.1, 95, XP and Win8 plus updates to Win10. As far as updates causing something array I believe you, however a problem just solved by generous folks here I believe found a place in Ease of Access, where I never go or open, and once a box there was unticked everything was fine. Only thing that could have changed it is an update. I surely didn't and I'm the only user.

I've been downloading programs and installing since the first downloads were available. And with the introduction of Store I've had access to them too. I believe I might have said back near the beginning of this particular post the very thing you suggested, that is, myquote: So I might just let this go and work with 3rd party programs to do the job. endmyquote.

You've been very helpful and I am going to study your last comments and suggestions. Thanks so much! Jack ":-Dx