Win10XPE - Build Your Own Rescue Media  

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    Windows 3.1 to Windows 11

    Win10XPE - Build Your Own Rescue Media

    Thread closed and continued here - Win10XPE - Build Your Own Rescue Media [2]

    As many here know, hosting has been a long running issue with Me and Pre-Made Rescue Media...
    Windows 10 Recovery Tools - Bootable Rescue Disk
    So by limiting Pre-Made ISO's - It helped reduce the download demand on my free account(s)....

    Prior to Jan. 2015 I use to boot the Windows Setup Media and use Command Prompt, along with a Command Cheat Sheet to repair my PC's.. Then I found the website and the PE Projects they where developing - which allowed me a visual way to access my PC's through the use of WinPE in order to make those same repairs...

    Ever since then I have been active in the Development of WinPE and the integration of 3rd party programs over at @ChrisR is a major player in the world of PE and is very well known for his contributions to the IT techs around the world.. His latest and greatest project is Win10XPE, and I have been working with Chris to help further the XPE Project Development with 3rd Party Application Integrations...

    Win10XPE will help you build a lightweight desktop Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) for performing tasks or troubleshooting a Windows OS while it is Offline or for installing a Windows OS. It can be booted via USB drive, CD-ROM, or hard disk.

    Uses of WinXPE:

    •Set up your hard drive and prepare it for installing a Windows OS

    •Troubleshoot problems with the OS

    •Clone or Image a Windows system and later Restore it

    •Make changes to the Windows OS, when needed

    •Perform Recovery operations

    •Recover data from unbootable devices

    •And more…

    Win10XPE is a complete project based on Win10 Recovery Environment with many windows features added. Based on a new Concept, its main objective is to be simple, user-friendly and to be as fast as possible. Use the many XPE plugins available to customize your build to your taste.


    After efforts to try to support 20H2. There is no need to go further
    The result is not really reliable, depending on the components or applications used...

    In Windows 10 version 2009 - 20H2 ISOs, update packages were not added to winre.wim, as it is normally done!
    And so, the Versions between winre.wim and Install.wim do not match and that is the source of incompatibilities and problems.
    In addition to the C:\ drive in the registry instead of X:\ (already fixed)
    TechBench ISOs and Media Creation Tool ISOs are concerned, ISOs created via UUP files look good.

    Except for UUP ISOs, It is preferable to use Windows 10 version 2004 - 20H1 and forget Windows 10 version 2009 - 20H2

    In case the versions do not match, I have added a message to inform and ask to continue construction or not (No by default).

    ********************* These Batch Files Are Not Related To Win10XPE Project *********************

    IMAGE-HEALTH.7z > This Batch Program will run System File Checker and DISM Commands to repair an Online Windows Image and will search for the mounted setup media to use as a repair source

    IMAGE-PREP.7z > This Batch Program will Run Dism Commands and Prepare an Install.wim or Install.esd for Simple Dism Re-Deployment on Host PC..

    RAMDISK_HOST_BOOT_MENU_OPTION.7z > This Batch Program allows you to create a Ramdisk Partition for Bootable Media & Add that Bootable Partition to the Hosts Boot Menu Options (ie. Win10XPE, Windows Setup Media, Etc. ) Just Copy Contents of ISO to New Partition and Run Batch File to Create Boot Menu Entry
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    Windows 3.1 to Windows 11
    Thread Starter

    Win10XPE Updated Scripts

    Prior Posted Project Updates Merged into My Updated Win10XPE 2021.06.27

    Update: 06.27.2021
    Updated Project Win10XPE_2021-06-27

    Updated: 07.06.21
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    Windows 3.1 to Windows 11
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    Quick Start

    1) Download 7-ZIP 32-Bit x86 Installer or 7-ZIP 64-Bit x64 Installer to open the Project's File Archive

    2) Download The Win10XPE*.7z Project File(s)

    3) Extract The Archive File(s) To Your Data Drive = D:\Win10XPE

    4) You will need to allow a Windows Defender "Exception" for the Win10XPE Folder
    I would suggest the same exception for any A/V software, in order to allow the program exe's to run without being blocked by your Host System....

    5) Download and Mount Your Official Release Windows 10 Setup Media ISO
    It is recommended you copy the contents of the Setup Media ISO to a seperate folder on your Data Drive, but it is not required.. Note: We do not add support for MS Preview Releases - all projects use Official MS Release Media

    6) Browse To The Win10XPE Program Folder
    Read The > Win10XPE - How To Quick Start Guide

    7) Launch The Program Using Win10XPE.exe
    Win10XPE - Build Your Own Rescue Media-screenshot00006.jpg

    Hit the Gray "Select the Windows 10 Source Folder" Box and point to the source media folder location (you created above) or to the drive letter of the Mounted Setup Media..
    Win10XPE - Build Your Own Rescue Media-screenshot00008.jpg

    After it finds the media that main screen will change now listing the Wim Info
    Win10XPE - Build Your Own Rescue Media-screenshot00009.jpg

    You can use the scroll box to select "Pro" or make any other selection..
    Then Hit the Big Blue Play Button....
    Win10XPE - Build Your Own Rescue Media-screenshot00010.jpg

    Sit back, watch and relax as the program runs...
    It will download several programs and features (Please allow it to do so) these downloads are designed as a First Run Only and they are required for the Project to be able to run and also for the Apps program files to be encoded into project. Win10XPE will open your command prompt to extract files, download files and run program commands (Please allow it to do so) ..

    After The Builder Finishes you will get an OK message..
    Browse to the folder location of Win10XPE and you will find your Custom ISO...
    Win10XPE - Build Your Own Rescue Media-screenshot00012.jpg

    Mount the ISO as a virtual drive and Copy the Contents of the ISO to a Fat32 Formatted USB Stick...
    You will have to Set the Partition on the USB to Active in order to Boot the USB with a Legacy System..
    Boot your system from the USB Media you just created, to see what is possible with WinRE...

    **************************************************************************************************** ********
    Ok > Now that you have created your FIRST custom PE with my default selections..
    It is time for you to Customize the Media with Your selections and Settings..

    You can change the App selections by checking or unchecking program checkboxes in the left pane..
    When you click the program name in the left pane - the program interface will display in the right pane.
    Each program interface has the ability to select shortcuts and may have other options you can choose from...
    Win10XPE - Build Your Own Rescue Media-screenshot00025.jpg

    After you have made your App Selections and Set the Options on the Apps Interface -
    Hit the Big Blue Play Button to Build Your Customized Version of Win10XPE -
    Browse to the New ISO created -
    Mount the ISO
    Copy the contents of the ISO to a Fat32 Formatted USB Stick -
    Boot from the USB Media and Test your Selected Customizations..

    Enjoy !!
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    Windows 3.1 to Windows 11
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    Win10XPE - Build Your Own Rescue Media-screenshot00001.jpg

    Have a Look at what is possible with The Win10XPE Project > Showing a customized WinRE Desktop..
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    Jimmy, out of curiosity. Is the option 'Run ALL Programs from RAM' the difference between your version from Bob's as you mentioned here?
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    Windows 3.1 to Windows 11
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    YES, in the screen shot just above your post you will see a "Run all programs from ram" checkbox
    (Just below the HostOS boxes) ...

    Selecting it will override the use of the Scrollbox on every program interface - by placing all the programs into Ram..
    Win10XPE - Build Your Own Rescue Media-screenshot00025.jpg

    Leaving the "Run all programs from ram" checkbox - unchecked
    Will allow you to select the program location on the program interface.. USB or RAM
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    Thanks, that's what I thought.
    I just downloaded the Win10XPE.7z, from MEGA (took something like 30 sec) and then tried to download the Win10XPE_1803U_x64.ISO, but MEGA gives me this message "Unfortunately, Edge has an insufficient buffer to decrypt data in the browser, and we recommend you to install the MEGA desktop app to download large files (or use Chrome)"... so I need to find a way to download it, as I only use Edge (and IE, which gives the same msg)
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    Kyhi said:
    Sign up for a free Mega Account... and install their App..

    Works just like dropbox
    I don't think I need a new one installed.... I'll try from my daughter's Chrome and if that doesn't work, I have no option but to sign up and install their app!

    Just a quick one. I see from your screenshot that I can select a program to be installed. If for instance I want the latest MBAM 3, how to include in my ISO this new version?
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    Thanks a lot bud!!!

    I'll give it a try to create my own (not so loaded as yours) for starters and see how it goes!
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    Windows 10

    Kyhi said:
    You would not believe how quick you can build your own custom PE rescue media...
    Win10XPE Project
    Attachment 203220
    Thnx for sharing... Look forward to trying it out in the near-future!
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