Has anyone had this happen or know how to fix it.

I noticed today when I started up MS Paint that it came up on the FILE TAB and when I click on the HOME TAB to bring up my color panel and other related tools it would stay there for as long as I did not click anything.

Once I clicked an item like lets say a color it would revert back again to the FILE TAB meaning to then chose a tool like the fill option I would then have to again select the HOME TAB and select that then it would revert again to the FILE TAB.

It's really annoying and first time I have seen this happen and I do use MS Paint enough and have never seen this before.

Any ideas on how to fix this issue or if it is an issue from a recent patch is MS going to remedy this soon as is really annoying!!!

UPDATE: I resolved it for some reason the down arrow in the red circle had been trigger and it closed the menu which was forcing it to the file tab. So anyone having this same issue just click the arrow and things will revert back to working again!

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