Windows 10: OneDrive Sync Issue Solved

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       05 Aug 2015 #11

    Just keep us posted, if this worked or not :)
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  2.    06 Aug 2015 #12

    Didn't work

    Just gave your fix a try and it doesn't work - it can't find the file. Says file not found. BTW I tried another file that I knew was on the drive and it found it so I know my search was correct. Anyway here's some info for you.

    On my system I have two "OneDrive" folders under my user name; however, if you click properties and hit the Share tab one folder will be named OneDrive, while the other is named SkyDrive... which is the folder I ultimately had to search. Yes, I also searched the "OneDrive" folder as well and it couldn't find anything, not even files I knew (thought) were there (didn't know about the "SkyDrive" folder at first). Anyway I'm guessing there's two OneDrive folders there because when upgraded from 8 to 10, Win 10 kept the old "SkyDrive" (now also named OneDrive) folder, which already had my files.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That said, I had to point to the SkyDrive folder in step #2, which is where my files are located, including the problem file. And browsing Explorer in Macrium actually shows both the OneDrive and the SkyDrive folders.

    Anyway I kind of suspected the file (.849C) wouldn't be found if OneDrive wasn't running. If OneDrive isn't running, the file simply disappears. This can be tested by right clicking the OneDrive icon in the notification area, clicking Settings, and unchecking Start OneDrive automatically when I sign in to Windows...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    When you uncheck the box, sign out and back into Windows, OneDrive won't be running and the file is nowhere to be found. It only shows up when OneDrive starts. Point? - I suspect this is why Macrium couldn't find it.

    That's it. Now what?

    BTW... how do you do a screen shot while in WinPE (Macrium)?

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  3.    06 Aug 2015 #13

    My Onedrive sync is stuck trying to sync my Documents folder in Onedrive (online). The message when hovering over the cloud in the task bar states: "Downloading 194.0 MB of 195.6 MB 14 files remaining" Onedrive sync has sync'd all the other folders (picture folders) with the exception of the Documents folder. Seems to be stuck here for two days. Any ideas?


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  4.    06 Aug 2015 #14

    Every time OneDrive starts, it puts this file into the OneDrive folder. When you shutdown your PC, or shutdown OneDrive, it is deleted by OneDrive.

    I don't know what is does, but it's a file OneDrive needs. I also saw it in my folder and wanted to delete it, when I noticed I couldn't do it. Because I thought OneDrive was using it, I shutdown OneDrive to get access to it, but noticed it was deleted by OneDrive itself the moment it shut down.

    BTW, today I noticed it was a hidden file, I'm not sure it was hidden before yesterday's update.

    But, I think you don't need to delete it. It isn't uploaded to the server. However, it is needed by OneDrive to work properly... I guess.

    BTW: I also had two OneDrive folders showing in Windows Explorer. I deleted the empty one, because OneDrive wasn't doing anything with it. The one that remained, it still labelled SkyDrive. :)
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  5.    06 Aug 2015 #15

    Hello Johnml, as you can see, we're trying to figure out the issue so you could keep and eye on the thread what happens.

    Anyway your issue sounds different from mine so you'll need to create your own thread for your specific issue as mine deals with a single unknown file that's reading 0 (zero) mb.

    That said, if your OneDrive says it's downloading 195mb, and you state "Onedrive sync has sync'd all the other folders (picture folders) with the exception of the Documents folder" then it sounds like you have legitimate files that are stuck in download. That said, you might check the folder contents and see what's not getting downloaded. Maybe delete those files and try again. Back up the files before deleting, then drop them back in the folder and see if they sync.

    But again, you may need to create your own thread for your specific issue.

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       06 Aug 2015 #16

    sygnus21 said: View Post
    Just gave your fix a try and it doesn't work - it can't find the file. Says file not found. BTW I tried another file that I knew was on the drive and it found it so I know my search was correct. Anyway here's some info for you.
    I'm out of ideas. Very strange and interesting issue.

    A theory, no idea if this works: what if you copy the full contents of the OneDrive folder to an external storage, then copy and merge the contents of the SkyDrive folder to the same OneDrive folder now on external storage. Delete the problem file on the folder you created, not on OneDrive on C: drive.

    When done, go to OneDrive settings and stop syncing, sync nothing. Let OneDrive process the changes, when done reboot. After the reboot go back to OneDrive settings, now enabling the sync, syncing everything. When OneDrive starts to sync your files from the cloud, speed the process up by copying your backup OneDrive folder from external location back to it's real place on C: drive.

    This might work if, as I believe, you cannot delete this file as long as OneDrive is on, syncing enabled and OneDrive is trying to sync it but when the file is "out of its context" in an external location not connected to OneDrive it might be possible to delete it.

    I use this method when reinstalling; I have huge OneDrive folders because all my user data is saved to OneDrive. Syncing might take a few days when you sync a few hundred gigs. When I want to reinstall, I will copy the full OneDrive from my user profile to an external USB3 drive, format my disks, reinstall, set up OneDrive and then copy the backup OneDrive folders back to their real place to speed up the sync process. With a few hundred gigs and USB3 storage even this process takes a few hours but it's considerably less than if I let OneDrive sync everything from cloud every time I reinstall.

    Thinking of this OneDrive backup system I do every time I want to reinstall, I thought it might even work when used to this purpose, deleting a stubborn file.

    sygnus21 said: View Post
    BTW... how do you do a screen shot while in WinPE (Macrium)?
    I give you a hint: Check the screenshot again (Hyper-V)
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       06 Aug 2015 #17

    I've just had the same issue - OD stuck at syncing my Images folder. The solution turned out to be fairly simple:
    1. Disconnect the OD service (right-click on the tray icon, select "Settings", then "Disconnect")
    2. Copy the now disconnected OD local subfolders somewhere
    3. Delete the entire OD local folder
    4. Clear the MS Office Sync cache (if you are using it)
    5. Reconnect the service, choose which folders to sync. Do not sync the root of the hierarchy.

    The OD folder structure should now recreate itself and resync. Once it's done, you can restore files and folders saved in step 3.

    The above worked for me, let us know if it works for you too
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  8.    06 Aug 2015 #18

    @ Kari,

    I'll give your suggestion a try, although I suspect the problem file won't copy to another drive as it's "in use by OneDrive"

    @ poset,

    Please read all my posts again, especially the first one, to get a better understanding of what's going on. Bottom line is when OneDrive is disabled, no matter how, the file in question disappears and can't be found for deletion. What needs to happen is for the file to be active so it can be seen and then somehow be deleted. And when the file is active, it can't be deleted because it says the file is in use. Read my first post, then read the "Didn't work" post.


    Guys/Gals, I appreciate the help and welcome it, but please make sure you read and understand the problem before posting as there is nothing standard about this particular issue.

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       06 Aug 2015 #19

    I know my suggestion is a long shot. Theoretically it should work, but as you said if the file in question does not copy over to another location, then this is useless.
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  10.    06 Aug 2015 #20

    I'm actually tried moving the file once, but got the same message... file in use. Evidently you don't have this file in your OneDrive folder?

    I actually thought about deleting the SkyDrive folder and moving the contents into the OneDrive folder created by Win 10, but I'm not so sure that won't cause massive sync problems since everything is sync'd from the SkyDrive folder on the PC. I don't know
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