Has anyone had this? On one pc the Xbox game bar keeps getting listed as an update in the store app, I always have automatically update apps turned off, preferring to check and install updates manually. Last few days I often open store app and see a Ď1í in the top corner and itís invariably Xbox game bar. I click to update it and it does its thing in a jiffy. Then Iíll do a manual check for app updates. It will say everything is up to date. But then itíll be back usually the following day! The reliability history never shows it listed as a successful update or unsuccessful. The app actually updated officially I think sometime last week. So itís like a phantom update that keeps happening periodically over and over! Launching a game like solitaire wakes the bar up to confirm its working ok

But this is a weird quirk in 1803. We donít have it happen on our other machine but instead have a similar quirk with another app Ďmobile plansí (not that we use it ever).