I wish to send small bits of information in a sort of LAN format between computers in my room, without the use or need necessarily for USB or otherwise. For example I'm needing to download a file that I have the link for now on a separate tab, but I don't wish to waste the bandwidth of the current computer I'm typing on and studying through with streamed videos on at the same time. I mean luckily enough, I can log into another computer at the same time to use a separated bandwidth to download this ISO file, but I'd hate running back and forth between the two computers to ascertain that I typed the web address correctly. Now our older windows 7 computers HAD a sort of shared files folder directory, but since we've upgraded a well bout in I'd say December, all sorts of directories for windows 10 have been either not created, or not authorized as of yet; (and given our elderly IT senior,) potentially not called for at all anytime soon. I mean I can always email myself the link, but I was just wondering if there was another manner a bit more simplified for this, a kin to things like the program Kik on the mobile phone, but more simple or direct for portable use.

Now I do want to give a fair disclaimer, this is not for malicious intent or otherwise, and the choice for the file system change was not made for any real security issue, but seemingly disregarded, when our study material was subsidized from filed documents of study material and videos, towards a more of what they considered "streamlined" manner of teaching through fully browser sported lesson plans, tests, videos, simulations, and otherwise, that coupled with the reluctant compliancy of other students here, have just led from one thing towards the other, with less and less for what they'd have to provide for us fiscally, it would seem.