I use Windows Media Player to maintain my library of music on the computer. Usually, when I open an Artist, all of the songs are listed within the album from which it comes. So first is Album A with all of its songs, then Album B etc.

Often, I'll want to list all of those same songs within an Artist by Song title. This will sort all of the titles that start with "A" first, "B" second, etc. and show a very small jpeg of the album cover on the left. This view allows for quick audio comparisons of the same song from different sources. This is where you can hear one iteration of a song being louder or better quality or worse mastering than another - a helpful use of this software.

OK, so what's the bug? Occasionally and unpredictably, the alpha-by-song list will separate out widely, listing the first song with a large jpeg of the cover art. Then a second song will appear with its large jpeg cover art, all of this using up a lot of screen real estate. It can still be used, but it's ugly to look at. It has been maddening that some artists are separated out like this, while most list nice and tight, line by line.

Today, I might have uncovered the reason that it happens. I think it has to do with apostrophes in the last title in the alphabetical list. If you can somehow change the title of that song so that it's not last, your list will show tight lines, the way its supposed to be.

I realize that this is a very specialized use of Windows Media Player, but maybe it will help out someone out there.