Hey guys

So I have put up with this problem for a while now, but it is getting fairly annoying now, especially when purchasing humble bundles adding heaps of keys and trying to download games.

It seems whenever I add a key to Steam, the application will go into the download phase after you have successfully added it Steam will completely become unresponsive for a varied amount of time (5mins max), or vice versa if I attempt to download a new game from my library.

The hard drive I am using is a 2TB WD Black, which to my knowledge was the best for gaming and whatnot when I bought it. (Also has the longest warranty).

I have run chkdsk & multiple different iterations of hard drive disk checks; including the WD one, and none are able to fault the hard drive in the slightest. Which means I am not really able to return the hard drive under warranty as I am not able to prove my fault.

The issue does subside very temporarily if I run a defrag prior to installing any games, but this will probably last a couple hours to days depending. I did set up a daily defrag on the hard drive thinking that would combat the issue, but it still seems to prevail.

When I am playing games or using the hard drive in any other way, I have absolutely zero problems. All games run as they should when tested on another hard drive in my system.

The only time the issue occurs is when I am adding a game or downloading a game in steam. Other clients like Uplay and Origin do not seem to cause any of the same issues.

I have reformatted the drive several times also, but this did not yield any different results.

The hard drive in question is no more than 8 months old, as I had a WD black fail on me previously for an unrelated problem.

Any help with this issue would be much appreciated, or at least any way that I may be able to prove that the drive is faulty so I can claim under warranty.

Sorry for the big wall of text!