I have a Win10 laptop (the kind that does a 180 screen twist) that I'd like to use to control my music collection. The collection is shared over the network with AssetUPnP, a DLNA server tailored to music streaming, and rendered with my Denon receiver. The server and renderer combination works very well, and I've tried a lot of DLNA / UPnP control points. I find that Windows Media Player works nicely, quite uniquely; it offers a nice interface with tiles for artists then for albums, it makes it easy with a touch interface, but I'm trying to simplify it. Ideally, I'd like just the tiles and playback controls to be visible. It seems the best way to do this is to add the DLNA server to WMPs library, but it won't seem to do that, only a directory can be added by the looks of it.

The thread is titled Apps, so I guess I can mention other things I've considered. Plex looks good but it's a lock in, I'd prefer a choice. BubbleSoft works well but it's too complicated; what I want, I guess, is to hand the controller to a guest and have it friendly enough for them to pick some music.

For reference, it's about 1,400 albums, I don't want an [A]..[Z] type top level menu when I've gone to the trouble pf getting artwork and tagging everything. It's so close to working ..