I have MS Office 365 installed in my PC. Microsoft invites us to use the Office Phone Apps also. I am thinking of doing so, but I want to find out if the Phone Apps and the PC Apps would synch. For example, do they use the same spelling dictionary. If I add a standard paragraph useing my PC Autocorrect, will that addition be available on my Phone App?

More important are the normal.dot and normal.dotm templates. When they get changed on the PC do the mobile versions reflect the results of the change? It could be styles, macros, layouts etc.

A more general way of asking this question is where are the templates, dictionary and autocorrect files stored for the phone apps and how do the phone apps access them? One posibility is that the app synchs with my PC and stores a copy of those configuration type files. Another is that the phone app gets its dictionary and autocorrect data from Microsoft's cloud server. Or there is no synchronizing and the phone app and the PC app each function independently from the other.