Hey there. I have been browsing around a bit online and didn't see any real solutions to this
When I am in the app viewing an image, is seems to be squished in more than normal, when usually the image would go to the sides of the window itself.

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and when I attempt to zoom in on the image, there seems to be thick grey bars alongside the left, right and bottom of the image itself. When I click on the image to get rid of the zoom indicator, it returns to its original position as in the image above.
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I have followed this Microsoft answers forum post to no luck.
Grey Borders in Photos App - Microsoft Community
I have reset the app, deleted it and re-downloaded it, and restarted my computer on top of doing everything in the top post.

It was working fine without the grey bars yesterday, and I'm not sure what happened between then and now. I'm fairly sure this couldn't be an actual update to the app that has done this, so i'm wondering what is doing it. Any answers would be incredibly helpful!