About 16 months ago i got my new PC - everything working wonderfully since a few weeks ago.
First, i was unable to open programs e.g. uTorrent (by the shortcut or the .exe). Then, over time several other programs started showcasing the same issue.

Today, i was trying to reinstall a game that uses .msi of which when i try to install the error message comes up and says either the PC is in safe-mode or windows installer is not correctly installed. With also, alternative programs (.exe) failing to open for installation - as i get a pop-up saying do i wish to install and i click yes and then nothing happens.

So far, i have made sure Windows Installer is turned on via services.msc. Created an alternative log-in user for the PC where the same problem persists. Used sfc /scannow command of which found 0 issues. Checked for windows updates and found one but, the problem still occurs.

Running out of ideas off the top of my head. Windows Support is filled with possible solutions i have already tried - and now, i cannot see any possibilities i have not already tried.

The beauty of it all, i was getting frustrated and tried to reset the PC; of which failed. Now, i am back to square one and do not know what to do.