Hi folks

Too much time I think on my hands today !! That's dangerous for computer users !!

Messing around with desktop GUI's on Ubuntu on Windows.

Some KDE apps running fine -- KPAT -- all sorts of card patience games

Dolphin (KDE file manager like Windows explorer) - gives me access to Native "C" and "D" Windows drives as well - also SAMBA network drives -- can't get the icons yet but that's only a detail.

Note you can't see the internal stuff from outside though so only OUTBOUND currently works. I think the Internal Windows / Ubuntu system has it's own file system which effectively shields the drives from outside -- will test with an FTP type of program or install FIREFOX on this system and see where it saves a download.

Run as root to make the whole thing easier

Back up your system though before experimenting -- all this is definitely AYOR !!

Running on Windows 10 Pro X-64 -- with latest updates but NOT the spring creators one.

Here's the screenshots

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Can access local windows and remote shares too .

Definitely too much time to waste today !!!! Shh!!! or I'll be forced to go shopping !!!!

Next bit is to display entire desktop (KDE) as the GUI. !!

Lot of fun this -- not sure if it actually has any real use but really nice playing with it though.

spider solitaire in single suit (easy) mode still like that game !!!

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