So I finally got Windows10 up and running. And activated even! Despite having been an insider it was looking like I was going to have to buy a license, but at the last minute it Automagically Activated itself. For whatever reason, but I somehow got "stuck" on build 10130. I finally got tired of trying the MS Staff suggestions last night, downloaded the media creation tool and did a clean install. YAY.

So unrelated completely to the OS Upgrade, I have a question without much hope of an easy answer.

I have a piece of software (We'll call it "Auntie Em's It Really Is Legal Here Casino.") When you install this package that isn't an online casino, it doesn't give any of the standard "options" most installers give (such as destination directory). The program folder--that should be located in Program Files x86 where it belongs--ends up as an orphan director in the root of C. Like it or not, there it is to annoy the crap out of you every time you look at the C drive.

During an install issue with Win10 I read somewhere somebody explained an option in installing Windows that let you specify a whole bunch of variables beforehand (options usually reserved for an Enterprise deployment but there nonetheless). Is there a way to get into this mode (PreDeployment?) for all installers or is it just a gem specific to Windows? Anyone know?

I'm going to assume this option isn't an option and ask the follow up and that is, how exactly can I move that directory into Program Files x86? Or is there even a way? And really, who cares? It's one folder out of place in a digital storm of chaos that spans across 7 physical drives on 2 servers....maybe this is the Universe tell me...

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