I just upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. It wants me to set-up OneDrive again by re-choosing the OneDrive folder location.

The problem is that it app[ears to be counting both the already existing OneDrive files and the OneDrive cloud files (which are the same as the already existing files) against my capacity and judging that OneDrive cannot fit on the hard drive.

More specifically, I have an entire 1tb hard drive dedicated to OneDrive. It has 627gb worth of OneDrive files in it. After upgrading to Windows 10 it makes me re-choose my OneDrive folder. When I try to select that folder it sees 627gb of existing files and 627gb of cloud files to be merged and determines that 1254gb > 1tb so it won't let me choose that folder. However, the reality is that those 627gb of cloud files are the same as the existing files and when it does the merge there will only be 627gb.