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Hi folks


using the get_iplayer app on Linux the download files are by default stored :

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As for download speed I'm usually getting around 125 Mb/s for TV programs - and around 75 Mb/s for radio -- I download the 4 episodes of "The City and "The City" (I like those sorts of programs) very quickly just recently

Running this on a Linux VM.

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I then move after download to a shared network data drive which is in a RAID 0 Array (2 X 6TB HDD). I play these on a remote TV with an amazon fire TV box with Kodi installed on it. No need for any media streaming stuff on the server - just play on the client devices e,g laptop, TV etc. KODI also will play native DVD iso's with menus too if you still have those and rip to ISO with programs like AnyDVD.

- speed perfectly OK from HDD. I do back up the RAID 0 data regularly but the HDD's are reliable enough.

On Windows, I get virtually full 72 Mbps downloading to ssd. I have solved my output problem. All is cool now.