Something a bit weird with the Win 10 start menu. I'm using Oracle VirtualBox, and installed the latest version after upgrading to Windows 10 (5.0.1 beta). It works fine, but for some reason I can't pin it to the start menu, nor does it show up in the start menu when I search for it.

I ticked the usual suspects during installation (create Start menu entry, add quicklauch icon, add Desktop shortcut) but it just refuses to show up.

I can run it just fine, by navigating to C:\Program Files\Oracle\Virtualbox and double clicking VirtualBox.exe, and when it shows on the taskbar, I can also pin it to there, and it does stay put on the taskbar.

Any ideas? I can pin other stuff to the Start menu just fine. There are some other apps that I use that I also can't pin to Start and also don't show up in the search, but most others work fine for pinning and searching. For example Putty, Texworks, wxMaxima etc. do show up, but WinDirStat doesn't. I can't see a pattern to this, and the apps still work if I launch them directly from their .exe files.