Occasionally I do a sync between a portable drive and my work PC (Windows 10) using Free File Sync. The latest sync, February 20, I think I tweaked the settings I normally do and it deleted a couple files.
I was able to find most of them in a folder that was created by FFS but can't seem to locate this folder.
Can anyone help me find where this folder is located? Where does FFS typically create it?

opened the 'last sync log' and found what I was looking for...

[9:14:50 AM] Info: Moving folder "\\s006file02\myname$\My Documents\MooseOnAirCrap\Stager-PerrySmith" to the recycle bin

Where 'Stager-PerrySmith' is the folder I'm trying to retrieve.

I remember seeing the recycle bin specific to FFS but can't remember where it was created to. Can anyone help me here?