i installed Windows 10 Pro on 4 PCS running windows 8.1 pro. All of them have sound working, but Cortana does not say a darn thing. I have no microphone hooked up but I thought she still answers when you type something? Yes or NO. In the Preview 10 I got her to answer on one of the earlier builds but that only one, the newer builds she did not talk at all.

I installed it on 3 laptops. One does not have touch, the other 2 has but sound works on all 3.

On the surface pro 3 cortana is a bit flacky, she talks when in the mood.

On my laptop with no touch she does not talk at all, tells me there is a problem with a the sound but music plays fine on the laptop.

On my other one that has touch, it is a dell inspiron, same problem she does not talk at all and sound is fine.

I really do not care about the desktops not talking but i use 2 of these laptops to show off windows 10 at seminars so I really would like Cortana to talk

Anyone else seeing this problem and what to do to fix it?