Hi there

anybody got a link to some sort of program / converter that can do a reasonable job of upscaling standard DVD resolution to be seen decently on largish ( > 52 ins / 132 cm / 4K UHD TV's ).

I can get the DVD as an image ISO or even a lossless conversion to MKV/MP4 - now I need the "Up-rez" program to convert.

I'm used to digital photography so I know "Up Rezzing" can work quite well with a decent algorithm.

If NASA can make brilliant pictures with only a few pixels coming from as far away as Pluto surely for us mere earthlings there ought to be something available.

DVD's work fine on screen sizes up to about up to about 40 ins / 102 cms - after that it gets a bit ragged and at my age I'm sure I'm not as eagle eyed as the youngsters so if I notice it what do they see.

Note -- bog standard DVD's - not Blu Rays or so .